human element next conference tickets availableThe 2nd annual Human Element NEXT Conference is just around the corner, and while we’ve already reported some of the changes and exciting features of this year’s event, more details are finalized seemingly every day. Including… today!

One of the most important components of any eCommerce conference is the schedule. (And we don’t just mean when and what’s for lunch.) To justify attendance, you have to know that you will walk away with new knowledge and strategies to implement and share with your own organization.

We are excited to announce the agenda for NEXT 2018 – and the many innovative speakers and trending topics that fill it. Take a look at some of what’s in store:

Mastering the 4 Stages of Lifecycle Marketing

If you are looking at your marketing database critically, and trying to form meaningful, actionable segments for marketing campaigns — look at things from your contacts’ perspective. Someone who just signed up for your newsletter versus someone who became a customer three years ago — these are very different people and should be treated as such. In this series, Catherine Mears, Email Marketing Manager at Pentair, will dive into the stages in lifecycle marketing and will show detailed examples of weaving content specific to a person’s place in the buyer’s journey.

with Catherine Mears, Pentair Email Marketing Manager

Supporting the B2B Internal Customer

At a period in time when so much of what we do is becoming automated, customized, personalized and one-click-away, it’s surprising to see how many internal processes are still lagging behind. In this session, we will dig into specific examples and discuss how the now-expected commerce practices of the B2C world are helping to move internal purchasing clients into the future.

with Judy Foster, Human Element Director of Experience Design

Getting Personal: Bringing Your Store to Life with Personalization

In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into what’s actually working in eCommerce personalization. Are you ready for personalization? What and where should you be personalizing the user experience? What tools are critical to this part of your eCommerce business? With more than 1000 A/B tests under his belt, Josh Frank of Test Triggers will cover it all.

with Josh Frank, Test Triggers Founder

Brand Loyalty & Understanding Your Customers

Have you ever said no to a product or service just because it was from a company you were not familiar with? On the other hand, have you ever gone out of your way to purchase from a company that you trust because you believed in the brand in which that product came from? Building a loyal customer base is critical in a society where choice is almost endless. In this session, we will dive into how several different companies have built a faithful customer base, the impact loyal customers have made and how understanding your customers can help set you apart from the competition.

with Cathy Monday, Human Element Account Manager, and Luke Bahrou, Human Element Senior Project Manager

Agile for Your Team: Improve Efficiency, Cooperation & Technology Process

Learn practical Agile skills you can apply immediately to improve how you organize and execute your work at the team, program, or enterprise levels. We will take a look at real world agile for teams and product owners, visioning and story writing, transforming your team from tactical to strategic leadership, and how you can use Agile strategies in your organization today. We’ll discuss Human Element’s move to the Catalyst process as a key case study, as well as explore how other companies have used Agile to improve efficiency, cooperation, and problem solving. Andrea Evans and Paul Briscoe are both Certified Agile Leaders, and have spearheaded the Agile process move at Human Element.

with Andrea Evans, Human Element Director of Project Management, and Paul Briscoe, Human Element Director of Development

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Not sure if you’re quite ready to commit? Check out the NEXT website for information on our sponsors, venue, lunch and happy hour menus, and more!