Dree Ziegler

Dree Ziegler

Dree Ziegler
Director of Marketing

Adrienne Ziegler never intended to be an internet marketing machine. She really wanted to be Lois Lane and set out to do just that by attending Journalism School at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. But it turned out the newspaper industry ain't doin' so well these days. When Ms. Ziegler found herself working for pennies as a cub reporter on the edge of nowhere in Barstow, California, she decided maybe Connie Chung she was not, and a change in career path was in order. Thus began her journey through a myriad of internet development companies more favorably located in San Diego.
In 2009, as a seasoned sorceress in the mystical arts of Search Engine Optimization, Ms. Ziegler made her triumphant return to the Midwest where she joined Human Element as the team's official Web Wonder Woman, and was promptly put to work directing Magento projects and writing witty bios for her co-workers. Known to her friends and colleagues as "Dree," you can generally find this butt-kicking, project-whipping, internet aficionada driving her Wrangler, taking private pilot lessons, or communing with nature.

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