Brian Tajer


Brian Tajer
Technical Lead & Nerd Trainer

Brian Tajer is most commonly referred to solely by surname. We believe that's because he was raised by wookiees who discovered the foundling boy nestled in a snowy Tajer plant on the Matterhorn. Although he's rejoined his human brethren (he had to learn PHP somehow), he has just never gotten used to responding to the American name, "Brian." From his early days in the Swiss Alps, Tajer learned to gracefully navigate the steep mountain hillsides on the backs of yaks, who routinely tossed him off. His high-altitude faceplanting skills translated easily to extreme sports like wakeboarding and snowboarding, which he took to with gusto as a youngster, partly because mountain transportation on a snowboard proved far less hairy and smelly. Tajer currently moonlights as a winter sports coach for a Southeastern Michigan High School, and wakeboards incessantly when his wife lets him. He also loves all Michigan State Sports, including football, basketball, and yak-spearing.

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