Charles Harriger


Charles Harriger
Web Developer

Charles Harriger is far more interesting than he lets on. If asked, Charles will claim there is nothing unique about him. This is not true; he is simply the humblest of creatures. Charles spends his days volunteering at a local bookstore, adventuring through the Ann Arbor area, visiting shops, walking about town and, of course, lending a hand to the team at Human Element as a backend web developer. By his friends at Human Element, Charles is best known for his seemingly unending vault of dad jokes, one-of-a-kind cat t-shirts, and terrifyingly loud sneezes on which he always comments to those affected, “be glad you weren’t at ground zero.” Suffice to say that Charles is full of his own quirks. As a valued member of the Human Element team, Charles says that he most appreciates the universal ability to not be the knower of all and continued opportunities for growth set by the company culture. And the future is sure to hold all of those things for a special guy like Charles!



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