Kate Caulfield


Kate Caulfield
Senior Art Director

First impressions aren’t always what you get. Kate McLaughlin is proof of that as the sweet, baby-faced prankster of Human Element. No one knows what pranks she’s pulled - she’s just that good. Even worse, no one even suspects her. But Kate knows. And she’s the only one who knows what’s coming next. This isn’t the first time Kate has deceived an office full of unknowing people. When she began her professional career in graphic design at a Chicago start-up after graduating with a BS in 2002, she began a secret life of hijynx. She transitioned to a number of ad agencies - leaving a trail of mischief behind her, even confessing to her antics in a goodbye letter, before finally finding a home at Human Element in January 2017. While her secret life continues unnoticed, her attention to detail, willingness to take on any project, and brilliant mind for design are certainly seen by all at HEI. We’ll see how long she is able to keep her dark side veiled.



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