Kaitlyn Olmstead


Kaitlyn Olmstead
Quality Assurance Specialist

Kaitlyn Olmstead is all about experiences. As a foodie, traveler, and super mom, Kaitlyn has found a niche in the world of family adventure - touring the United States with husband and son. Their goals are quite simple: to visit every National Park, and to eat the state food of every state while doing so. Pretty fantastic aspirations. So far, they have made it to approximately 23 states and plans for more adventure are forever in the works. When Kaitlyn isn’t riding shotgun in the family adventure-mobile, she can be found solving the world’s problems at Human Element as a quality assurance specialist. She joined Human Element in the spring of 2017, gracing the office with her nerdy charm and sharing in the team’s collective love of Dungeon’s & Dragons and pizza - two interests that have practically become requirements of new hires.



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