Michael Erickson


Michael Erickson
Web Developer

Mike Erickson: Explorer Extraordinaire. Let no hill go unclimbed! Let no forest go unknown! He voyages the depths of the pines of Michigan with valiant determination and courage. His boots strapped high, Mike toils through the terrain. He is unaffected by the petulant poison ivy and oak, he swats away the thirstiest of Midwest mosquitoes with ease; perpetually engorging his hunger for wanderlust. For he is Mike Erickson: Explorer Extraordinaire! What trail does he not trek? What destination does he not pursue afoot or on bicycle wheels? Are there no bounds to his love of the peace and tranquility amongst the wild woods of Michigan nature? No! For he is Mike Erickson: Explorer Extraordinaire! It is in his blood; his very plasma is entwined in the green of the roots beneath his feet. There is no other purpose he could fulfill than as a man of the earth. And so he will continue his quest, bringing his ventures to further distances and deepening his explorations with every step. For he is Mike Erickson: Explorer Extraordinaire! Mike also is a talented web developer at Human Element.



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