Maia Evans


Maia Evans
Project Manager

Born, raised, and proud Michigander, Maia Evans has been a creative powerhouse from the beginning. She was deemed “not normal” when she began drawing floor plans for houses at age five. She continued this path of "Non-Normalcy" on through her high-school and college career.

Having a primary background in graphic print design, Maia is obsessed with language and how it is conveyed both graphically and contextually. After floating around in the freelance and contracting world, Ms. Evans just sort of fell in to Content Management and User Experience. Maia has since worked with a few web development agencies and has experience with various CMS Platforms, Information Architecture, Web Design and Merchandising.

Maia tends to be a homebody and currently lives in a 115 year old historical home, where she paints, cooks, plays halo and ogles the architecture. While sometimes she's scolded for being too detail oriented when it comes to aesthetics, she is a firm believer that design is intention and intention is what makes each of our worlds a better place.



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