Nathan Erickson


Nathan Erickson
Web Developer

Born in the jungles of Africa, Nathan Erickson learned to code from a gorilla named Docker. He was tested in the frozen north of Northern Michigan University where he perfected his craft, graduating with a BS in electronic imaging. Within the walls of Human Element, Nathan laughs his way through the most difficult and poorly written code - if he is giggling it’s because he has gone to the edge of the rabbit hole and decided to jump in. If you think any software bug will drive Nathan mad, you are wrong: he has embraced the madness and now lives in the dark, it comforts him. Nathans back is important to him and you will find him in the only executive chair in the office. In his free time, Nathan watches anime and consumes fruity alcoholic beverages. His favorite soaps, his name for anime, are tear jerkers. His current go-to? Monogatari and a bottle of Oberon, although he is still searching for the perfect fruit beer.



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