Nate Shiff

Nate Shiff

Nate Shiff
Software Developer

Nate Shiff started his software development career at Western Michigan University, where he majored in Computer Science. With his crispy new degree in hand, he returned to his native homeland of Ann Arbor, where he began building his skills by working with several beloved local companies. At the GameStart School, where he worked as a Software Developer and Educator, Nate played an obscene amount of Minecraft, where he discovered he fancies the sheep and Obsidian, but gives no love to the Creeper monsters that always sneak up on him. He also worked at Menlo Innovations, where he played far fewer video games. When he’s not cranking through bug fixes for Human Element clients or pursuing his dream of living a carbon-neutral lifestyle, Nate spends his free time making music. He likes noodling on the guitar and drums, singing, and playing harmonica and piano. He even once played in the Kalamazoo Laptop Orchestra, which allowed him to combine his love of computers and musicianship into a single, super-nerdy enterprise. Nate loves working with the Human Element team, and is enthusiastic about expanding his skills so that he can one day be a true jack-of-all-trades in the software development space.

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