Shawn McKinley


Shawn McKinley
Web Developer

You can’t help but feel happy in the presence of Shawn McKinley. He is, simply put, the most pleasant of web developers one could hope for. And although this isn’t an oddity among the tech team at Human Element, it’s certainly a welcome one! But that’s not all that makes Shawn so lovable. After joining the HEI family in May 2017, it was quickly discovered that while Shawn appears to be an adult, and has the professionalism of an experienced developer, he is as carefree and easy going as an 8-year-old with interests in video games and jumping into the occasional role of drummer in a few local bands. If you ever have the chance to meet Shawn, ask him about his world famous cooking. Because, according to Shawn, everything he makes is world famous!



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