Tyler Hansen


Tyler Hansen
Office Manager

Tyler Hansen is, simply put, the backbone and lifeline of the Human Element office. Since joining the team in April 2016 as the first-ever HEI office manager, Tyler has assisted in the organization of dozens of events both small and large, brewed at least 1,000 pots of coffee, and single-handedly maintained the Human Element headquarters in a way only he is capable. When he isn’t keeping everyone organized and caffeinated at HEI, you will find Tyler watching or playing soccer, gardening, or expanding his already great breadth of Norse, Roman, Greek, and Baltic mythological knowledge. According to Tyler, working with the team at HEI is as much a benefit to him personally as everyone else would say he is to the team. “The work environment and culture allows for people to be themselves - making the people around you seem more like a long lost brother or sister than someone you work with,” said Tyler. We love you too, dude. We love you too.



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