Do you know the effectiveness of the last enhancement you made to your website?

With Visitor Research & A/B Testing, Human Element helps merchants understand the impact of website modifications, and determine the enhancements that will be most successful.

Visitor Research & A/B Testing

We analyze how your existing visitors are engaging with your website, and determine ways to improve the user experience, as well as meet your business goals.

We review heatmaps, scrollmaps, visitor recordings and google analytics to help you understand how your site is being used.

We will recommend suggested fixes and areas where an A/B Test would be appropriate. We will set up and run the tests and report on the results, so you will clearly understand the positive impact, prior to making modifications for all users.

When a test has statistical significance and outperforms the other variations, we will implement the variation on your website and continue to measure to determine the best possible solution for improvement.


Reduce Risk – have proof before investing in development

Increase ROI – only invest in changes that work

Improve user experience – meet the needs of the user, while still accomplishing your business goals

Eliminate fear – try new, potentially risky, ideas because you’ll be able to test and measure the impact