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Snow will be falling soon here in Michigan, putting (almost) everyone in a cheery holiday spirit. As a digital marketing strategist for a successful eCommerce agency, I know first-hand how packed the calendar will be starting now, right through January.

Over the years, we have published a number of blogs that discuss how to avoid common mistakes that are made when executing marketing campaigns, promo codes, and more. Anything and everything that you’re likely planning for the 2021 holiday season.

On a side note, if you own an eCommerce shop and you don’t have a holiday marketing strategy in the works…call us! (I’m worried about you.) For now, let’s review some of our top posts that could save your season.


How Can I Improve My Site Speed?

by John Tucker

Your eCommerce website’s load time is a major contributor to your poor quality score. In the world of two-day guaranteed shipping and one-hour in-store pickup, the slow and steady does not win the race. Google recognizes the importance of this factor in user experience, and will negatively impact the amount of traffic your store will get through the holidays and beyond if you don’t keep page load times down. In this post, we learn how to improve site speed and keep ahead in the world of online shopping.


What Are Gen Z Shoppers Looking For

by Judy Foster

There will be 2.56 million Gen Z shoppers by 2020. Does your online store speak Gen Z? To keep up with these shoppers we must learn to reach them on the platforms where they spend their lives. Social media, mobile – how this generation shops, may not be how your eCommerce store is selling. In this blog, we learn the what and how to speak the Gen Z language to sell more online, and in your brick and mortar store.


The High Cost of Promo Code Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

by Erik Dotzauer

Banana Republic lit up the internet when they released a promo code earlier this year intended to offer customers $50 off a purchase over $150. However, due to what we can only assume to be a mistake in setting up the promo code, it actually allowed customers to checkout with $50 worth of merchandise for less than $1.


Digital Marketing Strategy: Reach Beyond Your Direct Market

by John Tucker

No matter how successful your past holiday campaigns may be, there is always room for improvement and growth into new markets and audiences. In this post, we look at some simple strategies used at Human Element that you can put into play now, and expand on later, to increase traffic and conversions for the holidays and throughout the year.



Need help getting ready to take on the holiday rush? Get in touch – we’re here to help, from digital marketing and SEO to Adobe Commerce (Magento) maintenance and support.