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Last Chance To Buy Tickets To NEXT!

Posted Sep 05, 2018 by

human element to host 2018 next conference last chance to buy ticketsLess than a week from today, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, an exclusive, like-minded group of eCommerce professionals will sit down for the 2018 NEXT Conference at Detroit’s Scarab Club, and prepare for a day-long discussion of cutting edge eCommerce and digital marketing strategy.

Will you be in that room?

I know, I know. “Oh wow! Another digital marketing conference!” – Said no one ever. But in a world of algorithms, AI and increasingly tech savvy consumers, it feels darn near impossible to keep up with the current. And it’s our job, as an agency, to know the good from the bad, whether it’s what conference(s) to attend or what keywords to target. So we did our research, and while I may be a tad biased because it’s a Human Element event (and I helped pick the menu), I can say with total certainty that the 2018 NEXT Conference is well worth the ticket price. Here’s why:

The Content

Topics from almost every branch of eCommerce marketing, both technical and content focused, have a place on this year’s agenda. After all, the eCommerce world changes every day! At The NEXT Conference, you will learn what’s happening now and how to successfully be a part of it. We’ve placed an emphasis on digital marketing strategies, particularly around search, personalization, and email marketing. We’ll also explore anticipated future eCommerce trends as you plan your future eCommerce strategy. Check out the full agenda to learn more about what’s in store.

Networking Opportunities

Do you have a conference buddy? I sure do. It seems that the same faces make the rounds through the major eCommerce conferences every year. And it really starts to feel a bit like a quarterly summer camp. Making connections and building relationships within the eCommerce community can lead to valuable partnerships and resources in the future. Join Human Element at the NEXT Conference, and it will assuredly put you right in the mix, where you can connect with retailers, technology specialists, and industry strategists who work in the field everyday.

The Speakers

If you want to know the best, you have to learn from the best. No matter how relevant the topics presented may be, the learning opportunity is lost if the presenter doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Speakers of the 2018 NEXT Conference will include seasoned eCommerce store managers, Human Element subject matter experts, and thought leaders from a number of organizations knowledgeable of their industries that will provide attendees of NEXT tangible takeaways to bring back to the office and improve their own strategies.

The Free Food & Swag

Beyond the professional knowledge gained, there are two important components of any conference. They’re the must-haves I put on my list: hot food and a branded swag item to gift to my 4-year-old. And NEXT has both. No wrapped ham sandwiches for Human Element. We like you more than that. The 2018 event will be exclusively catered by Caucus Club Catering for both our lunch and happy hour, and will include items like beef stroganoff, baked chicken, brie and apricot turnovers, and (duh) meatballs.

So now’s your chance! Head on over to our NEXT registration page and buy your ticket before it’s too late! We look forward to meeting you, learning with you, and spending the day immersed in eCommerce.

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