Marketing Questionnaire

The following questionnaire will help your Human Element team determine the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Please fill out the following to the best of your knowledge.

  • Your beginnings define your growth and challenges. Tell us how you planted your company's roots and grew to your current store.

  • Who is your biggest competition? Why? What makes your site a better choice?

  • To help us target the right audience, tell us about your shoppers. Include info like their age, gender, education, industry, perfect restaurant, average income, list of sites they might browse, etc.

  • Stuck? List your 5 best selling brands, products, or services.

  • List out some words that might be associated with your company or products that shouldn't be.

  • When you search using some of those perfect keywords you listed out, is the user finding the most helpful page? For example are they being taken to the home page when the category page might be more helpful? If not, how could those results be improved?

  • What do you want a user to do on your site?

    Call, Form submission, download

  • What is your company's monthly PPC budget?

    Note: This won't include any costs for management!

  • What is the most important?

    We will always strive to maximize all of these areas as best we can, but there will be times when one will have to take precedence over the others.

  • Some online stores sell impulse items like candy in the checkout line at a supermarket. Others sell more expensive aspirational items that shoppers may need to save for. Where are your products?