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As a full service digital agency, Human Element is well equipped to provide the solutions needed to help our clients grow a successful online business. With our wide array of services spanning development, online strategy, digital marketing, research, design and user experience, we are able to assist our clients at every step of their commerce journey.

Online Strategy

At Human Element, we know that having a well-laid plan is essential to the success of any project. We believe that you have to have the map to know where you’re going. So we take the time with our clients to establish the goals that will define our success. Whether it’s defining a complex technical integration or a total new site redesign and build, we listen to our clients and learn what is important to them, and to their customers. We are constantly curious as we innovate together to find the best path forward for you and your business.

Experience Design

Experience Design at Human Element starts with a simple question: What are the business and user needs that we have to solve? Without that clear understanding, any recommendation is a guess – an educated guess but still purely a guess.
Through interviews and observation, workshops and analysis we capture the vision that brings the strategy to life.

With creative thinking and collaboration we will support your brand, through an experience that makes sense and that speaks to your specific customers.

eCommerce & Website Development

Human Element currently manages the eCommerce stores of nearly 50 established organizations including Ford Sync, Wildman Business Group, Dynacraft Wheels, and Pentair Aquatic Ecosystems. Our client base includes many long-term relationships, defined and solidified by mutual respect and ambition.

The Human Element development team are experts in multiple platforms and boasts certified Magento developers experienced in custom site builds, integrations and extensions that meet the needs of our clients’ unique eCommerce stores and customers.

Digital Marketing

Launching a successful site is only one step in the process. Reaching the relevant market and providing reasons to return, are critical goals for any successful online retailer. At Human Element we deliver competitive marketing solutions customized to keep our clients ranking and relevant in their industry. We utilize proven methods and tools with the most up-to-date, trending information and apply those tactics to every campaign whether it’s optimization of a poor performing page, employing meticulously selected keywords to a new search ad, or publishing A/B Facebook campaign to test creative assets.

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We offer individual services for organizations interested in getting their feet wet, as well as, fully integrated digital marketing to reach customers on every platform.

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