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Interested in Magento Enterprise? Contact Human Element! We can explain your purchase options, provide a quote for customization and even install the software at your chosen host. We have years of experience with the Magento platform and our certified engineers can help you navigate your project.

Introducing Magento into your environment opens up a world of opportunity. Human Element can ensure your project is a successful one. Some of the common questions we see are:

  • Where should I host my software? Internally? With a third party?
  • What is the optimum Magento hosting environment (CPU, RAM, HDD, etc.)?
  • How will we¬†integrate with our accounting or ERP systems?
  • Should I be concerned about security?
  • What Magento extensions should I consider?
  • What is the Payment Gateway compatibility?
  • How long will our project take to build and what are the costs?


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