Download Sentry Two-Factor Authentication Extension for Magento

Weak or stolen usernames and passwords put your Magento store at risk. The Sentry Two-Factor Authentication extension from Human Element and Nexcess.net adds an extra layer of protection, making it much more difficult for malicious third parties to breach yourstore’s security.

Sentry’s Two-Factor Authentication uses smartphones or tablets for authentication with popular two-factor authentication services from Duo Security and Google Authenticator. Without access to an authenticated mobile device, unauthorized users can’t log in — even if they know the password!

Manually Install a Magento Extension using Magento Connect Manager

Normally, when you install a new extension to your Magento store, you would first get an extension key from Magento’s app store, Magento Connect. You would then use the key to tell the Connect Manger what extension you’d like to install. However, if the extension is not listed in Magento Connect or you have downloaded the extension package directly from a vendor, you will need to use an alternate procedure.

Remember, before you install any extensions to disable the cache and Magento’s compilation mode. If you leave out these steps, you risk crashing your site. And, of course, always test new extensions on a development version of your site before installing it on your production site.

Using Connect Manager

Connect Manager does support direct uploading and installation of extension packages. Once you have downloaded the extension package to your local computer, login to your store’s Magento Connect Manager (System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager). On the manager screen there is a section called “Direct Package File Upload”. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the extension package from your computer. Once you selected the correct file, click on the “Upload” button. From there Magento Connect Manager will take over and install the package.

The next steps are the same as if you had downloaded from the Magento Connect store, click the “Return to Admin” link in Magento Connect Manager, log out of the admin and then login again. At this point you can reenable Magento’s cache and and Compilation mode and configure the extension.