Bigcommerce Premium Enterprise Partner

We even got a new badge!

Human Element knows eCommerce. As a company, we’ve been working together on eCommerce implementations and branding websites for more than 11 years – and a few of us have been doing this with other organizations since the dot-com boom days of the late 90s. So when Bigcommerce went looking for partners for their new Enterprise offering, we took a look at the platform, liked what we saw, and decided to add it to our bag of tricks. Read the Bigcommerce announcement for yourself, and if you’re interested in building a custom store with Bigcommerce Enterprise, contact Human Element to be your development partner today. We’ll help you design and implement an eCommerce website that you’ll love.

Why did we decide to become Bigcommerce Enterprise Partners? Here are a couple good reasons:

Bigcommerce has the essentials

Bigcommerce has nailed all the basics of eCommerce that store owners need out of the gate. Product reviews, customer groups, loyalty programs, promotions and coupons, live chat, reporting, and multi-channel marketing are included natively. These tools are not just nice-to-have features anymore, but are essentials from day one.

It’s more flexible than a contortionist convention

Each Bigcommerce store can be customized and extended to work with a wide variety of third-party solutions. From shipping applications like ShipStation and Endicia to CRM and accounting systems like Netsuite and Sage, this platform integrates with other software seamlessly so that you have the data and the tools to meet your business goals efficiently. With help from partner development teams like Human Element (with tons of experience in eCommerce integration with ERP systems and other third party software), customizing your store to do exactly what you want will be a breeze.

Incredible out-of-the-box marketing & SEO tools

Online store owners have a number of opportunities to grow their stores with sophisticated marketing tools built right into the Bigcommerce platform. Exceptional SEO capabilities, abandoned cart recovery, email marketing, sitewide HTTPS, search-friendly architecture, blogging and content creation tools, and automatic caching for a speedy frontend experience make Bigcommerce a serious contender as an enterprise platform.

Bigcommerce gets you an online store… FAST

Bigcommerce Enterprise stores are fully hosted, eliminating one of the many hassles of building an eCommerce website. Mix that in with the magical 24/7 Bigcommerce support and premium partner strategists and developers like Human Element, and you can greatly reduce implementation and overall time to market. Bigcommerce lets you start selling stuff faster.

Mind-blowing site performance & speed

For those of you familiar with the data, you know that a 1-second delay in page load can cause up to 7% loss in conversion. With 99.99% uptime and 145ms response times, Bigcommerce is a speedy and reliable platform that gets users where they need to go … and quickly. With unlimited bandwidth and the ability to handle more than 500,000 hits per minute, you can feel confident your site will be up when it’s featured on the Today Show.

These are just a few of the main reasons why we decided to take this leap with Bigcommerce. Find out all about it by giving us a call at (734) 545-8017 or drop us a line. We’d love to chat about our new partnership with you.