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Solving unique business and customer problems through an insightful user experience that is supported by a strong brand message.

UX & Creative Services

Experience Design at Human Element starts with a simple question: What are the business and user needs that we have to solve? Without that clear understanding, any recommendation is a guess – an educated guess but still purely a guess. With customer goals in mind and with our client’s business aspirations clearly defined, the true magic can start to happen.

To get to that point our Experience Design team aims to absorb themselves in your world. Through interviews and observation, workshops and analysis we can capture the vision needed to help clients create their roadmap for growth and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

UX and Brand Strategy

By delving into your business, understanding your past successes and struggles, along with capturing your current KPIS and future goals, we are able to help define a strategy for your brand. Through stakeholder conversations, persona investigation, competitor analysis, and definition of your brand values and core brand attributes, we are able to help map out a strategy best suited to your goals and those of your customer.

Customer Research

We can never know too much about our customers, and their wants and needs are constantly changing. Through customer research we are able to capture their perspective from many aspects of their journey. Whether its face to face interviews, a quick snapshot through site surveys or a more in-depth observation with user testing sessions, it allows us to confirm or disprove our understanding of their needs.

UX Architecture

With research in hand and a clear set of requirements defined to solve our client’s business needs, our Experience Design team is able to define a solution for your eCommerce experience. We can create the overall site structure through a sitemap and high-level taxonomy recommendations before sketching and wireframing out the recommended solution. Those wireframes act as the blueprint for the design, defining page hierarchy, relevant features and content.

Creative Design and Branding

Based on the brand strategy discussions and workshops that have taken place, our creative designers can focus on your brands core values, and the message you are hoping to convey. We are able to take the designs that have been wireframed and bring them to life in their visual form, with the appropriate visual language and the right written tone to grab the attention of the audience – who we hope will gain a whole new level of brand loyalty.

Visitor Research and A/B Testing

Through visitor research we are able to identify opportunities to improve a user experience at any point during a client relationship. Using tools such as Hotjar, we are able to take a unique view into a customers’ journey through your site. We also review heatmaps and funnels to find areas of stress within the site. This allows us to define quick wins as well as areas where we can introduce A/B testing concepts before committing to extensive and potentially expensive projects.

Content Creation

At a time when technology and customer expectation are constantly changing, and competition is fierce, there is more of a need to stake your ground and define your unique purpose. With well-crafted website copy, imagery that jumps from the page or adds extra levels of detail, context becomes the key and content becomes your defining goal. Working with our design team you can understand your content priorities and make a long-term content strategy.

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