Data Analytics Consultation & Reporting

Full suite enterprise marketing data analytics and management for your eCommerce business

 What does it mean to be a data-driven organization?

Human Element helps businesses develop a strategy for identifying what data they need to look at, capturing that data, and reporting on it. Organizations can enter the process at different stages but our proven process and expertise will help drive success by improving your business intelligence.

How do we get there?  

The first step is a discovery session. We will identify which tools and data you currently possess and identify how we can refine or grow the value of that data. Things we evaluate are:

The suite of analytics tools you are
currently working with

Your digital marketing performance

Whether you have a data warehouse and
what data it contains

Your reporting ecosystem and how it
impacts your business’s performance

From there we offer a step-by-step process for organizing your data and improving the ways that you visualize that data within the organization. The output of discovery is a strategic plan that suits your organization’s size and budget.

Services Offered

Human Element offers a range of products and services that enable growth through analytics and insights. As your business intelligence improves and you have a direct correlation to return on investment, we can help expand the scope of your analytics to empower data-based decision making in every business unit and at every level of your business.

eCommerce SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Any Google Analytics implementation with Human Element begins with our flagship dashboard product. This enables your web or eCommerce platform to collect and present the data your organization needs to perform digital marketing activities immediately. Our SEO & Digital Marketing teams will guide you through the nuance of our product, append your current team, or develop and manage a whole new strategy.

At Human Element, we specialize in the configuration of your web analytics capabilities deployed through Google Analytics.  Among these services are auditing, Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 transitions, and fresh Google Analytics 4 implementations.  In any implementation, Human Element will ensure all of your web analytics goals are fulfilled and will deliver best in class reporting to your business through Google Data Studio. 

Human Element Data & Analytics Dashboard

Enterprise Data Warehousing and Data-Driven Marketing 

Unlock the power of your data by centralizing your information and reporting in one place. Combine your website and eCommerce data, ad platform information, marketing data from your CRM, and information from your ERP and SCM tools to enhance the who, what, when, why, and where of your marketing efforts. Additionally, build informative and intuitive KPI’s that truly describe the effectiveness of your marketing mix.

Mobile Enabled Executive Dashboard

Are you a busy executive? Miss the team meeting about what is happening in your business? Don’t have time to visit your workspace or open a laptop in a busy airport? Keep in touch and in front of what is happening in your organization with mobile-enabled dashboards. Get high-level insights and just-in-time reporting on your phone with drill-through capability to get you to the right level of granularity. Enable the rest of your teams with the information they need to perform at their highest level.

Application-Specific Reporting and Integrated Analytics

Keep managers informed and empowered with application or business unit specific reporting. Develop the KPI’s needed to develop organizational efficiencies and business processes that translate into better margins.  Processes up or downstream of the business unit that give your managers a blind spot? No problem, we can integrate these disparate data points into a centralized reporting structure to give the best view of performance possible. 

Revenue Growth Focused Advanced Data Analytics

Ready to take the next step with data translating into revenue growth and increased profit margins? Use data to identify your next brick and mortar location, predict temporal variation in sales of specific products, and forecast warehouse inventory levels that tell you when to put products on sale. Identify gaps in the market for new products, determine when to retire old products, when to buy raw goods, and choose which customers to fire or acquire. Let Human Element build you the analytics platform that you need to enhance and grow your business.

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