Judson Senior Living

Judson Senior Living doubled conversion and boosted engagement 30%
with Human Element’s Digital Marketing and Strategy teams – here’s how.


Ohio-based Judson Senior Living has helped older adults live life to the fullest for over a century. With a mission of Bringing Community to Life, Judson residents can live life as they choose, engaging and connecting to the things that inspire them the most. To this end, the staff at Judson works closely with residents to deliver highly personalized care.

That same sort of care and attention to detail is demonstrated on the Judson Senior Living website, which aims to inform future residents about its senior living communities and their services and recruit new associates for employment. Prospective residents can use the site to get a feel for the community and submit inquiries to set up a tour, get information about pricing, or schedule a consultation with a sales counselor.


Judson came to Human Element seeking help with maintaining its WordPress site, Google Ad campaigns, and social media presence. At the time, they mainly wanted a team that could “keep the lights on.” But the relationship quickly deepened and evolved as the Human Element team got to work.

Services Provided:


Developing a Strategic Partnership

Human Element’s engagement took a consultative approach when we realized that results from Judson’s digital efforts could be much more robust. We saw that there were ways to optimize Google Ads spending, optimize the content on the website for better SEO results and conversions, and discovered opportunities for improving the look and feel of the website and growing the social media presence.

In the same way that Judson creates individualized plans for its residents, Human Element strategized with Judson to tweak its digital efforts for maximum impact.


1. Website content and design strategy
Human Element provided strategic design recommendations for the site, particularly for the homepage and service page refreshes. We also recommended that Judson conduct a professional photo shoot of its facilities featuring its staff and residents. These custom photos improved the quality of content on the website by realistically conveying the Judson lifestyle and available services.

2. Optimized SEO and SEM campaigns
We built a landing page specifically for Google Ads campaigns to increase conversions. We performed keyword research to drive more qualified traffic and optimized website content to ensure the right audience could find it. We continue to monitor and optimize campaigns as needed.

3. WordPress maintenance, upgrades, and hosting
Human Element implements WordPress upgrades, provides platform support and maintenance, manages content updates, and provides hosting services and security updates on an ongoing basis.

4. Website form optimization
Our team reviewed the site’s forms and identified ways to improve relevant lead conversions. This eliminated conversions from job seekers and left fewer unqualified leads for staff to deal with, streamlining the process for the sales team.

5. Social media management
We performed AB testing on Judson’s social media platforms to determine what types of messaging deliver better results. Based on those results, we developed a strategy for social content. We create, publish, and manage both paid and organic social content.

6. Reporting
We implemented monthly reporting to track user performance, technical site health, and lead generation efforts.


Since implementing these strategies, we’ve seen impressive outcomes. Overall, the optimized website content and paid search campaigns are increasing conversions and delivering more qualified leads. Less qualified leads, such as job seekers, have decreased. With this refined sales funnel, Judson can more efficiently manage their business.

Since we began working together, we’ve seen improvements in these key metrics:

  • The conversion rate for the same time period YoY nearly doubled: 0.58% to 1.08%
  • Site engagement: increased by 30%
  • Bounce rate: reduced by 30%
  • Rate of organic user engagement: increased by 30%
  • Google Ads results:
    • Impressions: increased by 22%
    • Clicks: increased by 99%
    • Conversion: increased by 103%
  • Cost of conversions: decreased 16%
  • Social media results:
    • Profile visits: increased by 37% on Facebook and 67% on Instagram
    • Paid: reach increased by 526%, and impressions increased by 46%

Future Enhancements:

Human Element continues partnering with and supporting Judson Senior Living with its digital initiatives. Future enhancements will include more design work, including new homepage and landing page designs.

Regardless of where the project work takes us, we’re so grateful to have discovered a symbiotic relationship that allows both Human Element and Judson Senior Living to enjoy the rewards of the successful new strategy.

“Working with Human Element has been a fantastic and productive experience. We are particularly thankful for their strategy, which has led to numerous improvements on our site. The increase in our lead generation and community engagement has been remarkable.”

Dianna Huckestein, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Judson Senior Living