“That Rush trucking site is friggin’ awesome! I wish I needed some FTL services or a Pop-Up Fleet somewhere represented by that coverage area map on the homepage!”

Although it will be difficult to be funny in this post, we feel it is important to let people know that we actually build and launch websites around here sometimes. The latest notch on the dev server is Rush Trucking located in headquartered in Wayne, MI. In conjunction with Foursight Creative and the Rush Trucking team we designed, wrote copy, built and launched the site four weeks from the kick off meeting.

Yes. That’s four weeks from “What does FTL mean?” to “It’s working from my iPhone in Rhode Island.”

The site was built on the DotNetNuke Community platform, and we think it’s pretty sweet. If you need to ship some big things or a bunch of little things or you want to drive any combination of things around, go check out the site and contact the good folks at Rush Trucking.