kittensformicrosoftAny Microsoft Partner who has tried to renew their partnership using Microsoft’s online “tools”, will be shocked by the news that their hat in the search engine ring, Bing, is actually digging into Google’s dominance.

But according to Experian Hitwise, Bing is on the way up reaching just over 30% of the US Market in March.  That is huge news for not only Microsoft but everyone else that has been spending their online ad dollars with Google.

Here is the supposed proof of this development.

So its now officially time to start paying attention to your Bing stats and maybe, just maybe start spending some additional money with Microsoft. (this sentence took me like 30 minutes to type because i had to continuously look over at our kitten calendar to stop from throwing my computer through the glass door).

In addition to the money, go ahead and set up a webmaster tools account, submit your sitemap and start paying attention for the stats.  At least google can’t shut your site off anymore.