With the release of IE 9, Microsoft has, at least according to their press release created the “most modern browser” available. And while that remains to be seen it certainly appears to be an improvement over the ie 7 and 8 and of course over the browser that shall not be named. (hint: it came right before 7).

My main concern is that it doesn’t break any of our sites. Plus there’s this guy.

Of course the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks and works a lot like google chrome – except it doesnt seem to timeout every 5 minutes for no reason. They removed the stack of bloated menus up top, used very similar icons for the menu items and basically did what microsoft does – steal your good ideas and deliver them to more people so 90% of the public thinks that they were theirs.

But i don’t really care, as i said before, as long as our sites work and we dont have to test back and forth for CSS oddities between broswers adding hours to every project. But so far, so good. I still think the whole compatability mode concept is strange – and points to something not being thought out well on the back end but hey its microsoft – any actual thought related to the web is refreshing.