Magento Developers - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tajer’s been doing the Insanity Workout. Can’t you tell? (Also. That is NOT a gang sign).

Human Element is proud to announce that we have another Magento-certified developer in our midst! This very morning, Brian Tajer passed his Magento certification exam with flying colors!

After much cheering and congratulating, we reflected on what this means for Human Element and the Magento Community here in Michigan. First of all, Tajer is only the 12th certified developer in Michigan. Secondly, that means that Human Element is home to 25% of the certified Magento Developers in Michigan. (Another pat on the back to our first Magento-certified dudes Greg Croasdill and Paul Briscoe, who passed in November of last year).

For all of Tajer’s snowboarding buddies who don’t understand the magnitude of this accomplishment, the Magento certification is known to be tough. Even tougher than fitting Tajer’s hair into a hat. Magento designed the test to confirm a working knowledge of the platform and all its various components, which means you have to spend lots of time solving problems in real Magento environments for real clients before you’re ready to think about taking it on. So, congrats Tajer. We’re so proud!

With three certified Magento developers in-house, Human Element should be your go-to Michigan Magento development shop. We’re learning more and more everyday, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!