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Dave Brandt
Technical Lead

Dave Brandt was born on a dairy farm in middle-of-nowhere Michigan. As a young lad, Dave spent his early days castrating hogs, exposing himself to industrial weed killers, and wearing rubber pants while he hosed manure out of barns. Although there were plenty of opportunities to drive large farm equipment, there were not enough other enticing reasons to continue in the family business and Dave decided to go to college. He chose the lovely Spring Arbor University where he majored in journalism and a variety of alternating minors. After college, Dave embarked on a career of building books for an international publisher and playing rock guitar in a number of local bands. Dave got his start in eCommerce development at a local and beloved Ann Arbor guitar shop when the publishing gig lost some of its initial sparkle. During those post-college years, Dave developed a distinctive personal style reflected in his western-style boots, pearl-snap cowboy shirts, and pompadour hairstyle. He is known as the resident Human Element cowboy and has since expanded his rockabilly musical skills to include the banjo, mandolin, and pedal steel. He is currently a member of the Ann Arbor musical project Ghost City Searchlight.

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