So our little ol’ Magento is all growns up!

We were as surprised to hear the news about eBay acquiring Magento as anyone else. The purchase, at least for Human Element as a Silver Magento Partner, raises more questions than it answers, like:

1. How will Enterprise and Professional versions of Magento be reflected in the deal, both long and short term?

2. Will we see additional integration with eBay services? Post to eBay? Sister eBay store? Payment gateway? The possibilities seem endless.

3. How will the partner community be supported moving forward? Will there be significant changes? None of that has been spelled out yet.

4. Will eBay continue Magento’s commitment to open source?

I think we are all holding our breath on this until we have more details from Magento but kudos to those of you that put together the deal. Magento is a fantastic platform and continues to fuel ecommerce growth around the world.