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I’m with you Mr. President!

While kicking down doors is never a great solution, it’s understandable that the 3 million or so people that downloaded Magento are looking for something to kick. For some unexplained reason, IE9 will not allow users to checkout in Magento Community or Magento Enterprise if there is only one payment option selected. So if you are like the majority of people, you probably only use a credit card when you’re purchasing treasures online. But IE9 says NO! You cant select a credit card! I suspect that this behavior will affect conversion rates for a lot of eCommerce companies.

Ironically, the not-so-elegant solution involves tricking IE9 into thinking it’s IE8:

To fix this: add the following lines to the bottom of the site’s .htaccess file

BrowserMatch MSIE best-standards-support

Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=8 env=best-standards-support

This will force IE 9 into compatibility mode (utilizing IE8). This should work until they release IE10 and force compatibility mode to use IE9.