Very often, in the consulting and development world, we focus on broken things. How can we fix this? How can we make that better? Sometimes, admittedly, we get wrapped up in the negative.

Who wants that?!

It’s important to our team, and to our clients, to focus on the good things – the wins!


Look how stoked Milligan is about our wins!

In our team meeting every Monday, we each share one piece of Good News Business and Good News Personal from the prior week. This starts our week off with positivity and brings our team closer together.

Heading into the dark, dreary, and freezing cold winters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Portland, Oregon, we wanted to expand that positivity throughout the week. We had the idea of a “Wins Board”, where we can write good news and share it with the team! We looked around the office searching for a good place to put it and the best place was the kitchen. We spend a lot of time near the coffee pot. It’s our proverbial water cooler – the perfect place for a board full of good ideas! You wait for your coffee pick-me-up, and read a bunch of great things that happened to your coworker family.

Personal, professional, company… we share it. Somebody got married? A developer got their Magento certification? Increase mobile conversion by 40%? It all goes on the board!

Wish you could stand by our coffee pot and read our good news? Have no fear! We’ll share the news with you on Twitter with #HEIWinning. Fair warning, we’re all pretty nerdy. So whether it’s new crafts or new Magento stores or new babies in the HEI family… we’re going to share.