Human Element partners with Emarsys for Email Automation

Emarsys: Marketing Automation for retail & eCommerce

Human Element is proud to announce our newest partner, Emarsys! Emarsys is a leading global provider of marketing automation software and the first marketing cloud for retail and eCommerce. We decided it would be fun to do a little Question & Answer feature with Emarsys to really get to know their technology, and to understand what’s coming next for this global technology company.

Q&A Discussion with Emarsys

We spoke with Joe Nicholas, a seasoned professional in the eCommerce, retail, and pet industries, and current Director, Channel Sales North America at Emarsys. Prior to Emarsys, Joe served multiple roles at a number of marketing automation firms specializing in multi-channel retail. Joe has managed technology, eCommerce platform, and service provider partnerships resulting in significant referral and reseller revenue for several email automation companies, and will also be a speaker at Human Element’s first NEXT Client Conference. Clearly, he’s a friend of the Human Element family.

What is the Emarsys platform?

Joe: Emarsys the world’s largest independent marketing platform company. Our AI-enabled marketing software bridges the gap between the marketer and machine through what we call Artificial Intelligence Marketing – AIM. It harnesses the power of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence technology along with customer data collected from a range of online and offline channels to make true, one-to-one interactions between brands and consumers a reality. 

Tell us a little about the artificial intelligence component of Emarsys.

Joe: We believe the bridge between data and personal customer interactions lies in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We know, however, that not one of these by itself is the answer. They are enabling technologies. And without the right software and access to strong data, they are useless. At Emarsys, we bring together the marketer and the machine by incorporating these technologies into an easy-to-use marketing platform. This empowers marketers to create personalized, meaningful interactions with their customers. They’re able to send the most personally relevant messages and incentives to each individual at the times they are most likely to be receptive, using the channels where they will be most likely to engage. And thanks to the machine, it all happens at a scale that simply isn’t feasible manually. 

What clients are you most proud of?

Joe: Emarsys is designed for B2C brands that sell online—both those that operate exclusively online and those who sell through a mix of online and brick-and-mortar stores. We work with companies around the world in a range of sizes and industries, but typically mid-market to enterprise brands in the retail and travel industries. Some of our clients include eBay, Best Buy, Rawlings, Toys R Us, Escada, Sky Zone, and Canon.

What platforms does Emarsys work well with?

Joe: Emarsys works with a variety of CRM and e-commerce platforms, including Magento 1 and 2, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Shopify Plus, Hybris SAP, and others. In some cases, we also cater to individual companies’ needs.

What can we look forward to in the future with Emarsys?

Joe: Unlike other companies in our line of business, Emarsys has been built from the ground-up. In other words, our platform is the result of continued R&D. For every dollar we make, we put $.25 back towards R&D. Our goal is to continue to invest in our R&D capability to deliver hype-free, tangible AI solutions and revolutionize the role of the marketer.

We look forward to a strong and growing Human Element-Emarsys partnership. Already, we are helping several of our clients to roll out the Emarsys platform. If you’d like to find out more about connecting your Magento or BigCommerce store with Emarsys, contact Human Element.