On Wednesday April 29, Human Element hosted their first webinar on two-factor authentication for Magento and presented the first demo of the Sentry Two-Factor Authentication extension for Magento. Developed as a partnership between Human Element and Nexcess.net, the Sentry extension makes two-factor authentication easy for store owners to implement.

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How Does Sentry Work?

The majority of IT security breaches involve stolen passwords or credentials. The Sentry extension protects your admin from password breaches by requiring a second factor – like a smartphone – in order to allow admin users to login. Using popular two-factor authentication services from Duo Security or Google Authenticator, the Sentry extension is easy to set-up and admin users can login quickly.

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Webinar panelists included Greg Croasdill, CTO of Human Element; Chris Wells, president of Nexcess.net and Patrick Garrity, director of solutions engineering at Duo Security.


If you’d like to learn more about Sentry, or if you need Magento support, contact Human Element.