Sentry - 2FA Magento Module2FA_webinar

Human Element is proud to announce our first webinar on Two-Factor Authentication, in conjunction with the release of SENTRY, a free and open source two-factor authentication module for Magento.

In the webinar, we will cover:

  • What Two-Factor Authentication Is
  • Why You need Two-Factor Authentication
  • How the SENTRY Two-Factor Authentication Module for Magento Works
  • Where to Get this Free Open Source extension for Magento

What is SENTRY?

SENTRY Two-Factor Authentication module for Magento protects your store from criminals who may be able to access your Magento admin by taking advantage of poor password security. SENTRY protects customer data by adding an extra check to authenticate your Admin users before allowing them access. Using vetted two-factor authentication services from Duo Security or Google Authenticator, Sentry Two-Factor Authentication for Magento is easy to setup and administrators can quickly login using their Smartphone to authenticate.Human Element Nexcess Partnership

Developed as a partnership between Human Element and Nexcess Hosting, our teams will be launching this free, open source Magento extension the week of April 20, 2015 during the Magento Imagine conference.

Register for our webinar to find out more about SENTRY

Our Webinar Panelists

Greg Croasdill

CTO, Human Element

Greg Croasdill is Human Element’s Chief Technology Officer and joined the firm in 2010. Greg has a broad range of technical experience and has been developing applications for nearly 30 years. With a focus on eCommerce, CMS and community sites, Greg has a strong background in system and database development. Known as Human Element’s solution-oriented Jack-of-all-Trades, Greg makes things work for clients without letting technology get in the way.

Chris Wells

President, Nexcess

Chris is the CEO and Founder of Nexcess. Having been involved with Magento products and services since its inception, Nexcess continues to push the envelope on performance, offering an optimized platform catering to specific client needs. Nexcess has grown to be the largest Magento hosting provider, which Chris attributes to the team’s dedication to its clients and strong relationships with its partners.

Patrick Garrity

Director of Solutions Engineering, Duo Security

Patrick Garrity is the Director of Solutions Engineering for Duo Security, providing pre- and post-sales engineering support for organizations of all sizes. He works closely with everyone from CIOs, CISOs, IT Security, IT management and staff on product education, planning and deployment of Duo Security products.