Even though they sound like a company that makes purses my wife would buy fakes of, there is a good post by Volacci on their SEO Blog about Landing page design and development guidelines.


This guy knows allot about landing pages.

Last year we did a landing page project with
Siena Heights University that proved incredibly successful with over a 30% conversion to filling out a simplified contact form – so i am pretty convinced that they work if they are designed properly.

One thing that i think is key when taking this approach for audience members or market segments is to run a small pilot of one or two pages and take the time to truly get a handle on its effectiveness. Depending on your page goals, either a purchase, a call or contact form, you should be getting a conversion rate of at 1.5% to 2%. And if you’re only asking for a phone call or a simple form to be filled out it should be much greater.

Once you understand what your users are doing and whether you are communicating effectively, you can tell whoever does your heavy web lifting to get to it and get pages out there for all you product, service or audience categories. And you can sit back and eat peeled grapes while lounging on your velvet pillow stuffed with money…or at least get a good cup of coffee somewhere.

Check it out – 10 Tips for Landing Page Optimization.