Uckele Magento Site Launch Homepage

Loving this new site like a little girl loves horses…

Human Element is excited to announce the launch of Uckele.com on the Magento 2 Enterprise eCommerce platform. Uckele is a 50-year-old manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements for both human and animal use, and is located in Blissfield, Michigan. The Uckele team worked closely with Human Element to reimagine their website architecture and launch a more modern template design – all while putting the new Magento 2 infrastructure in place.

The upgrade to Magento 2 offered the opportunity to integrate a number of new advanced features for both B2B and B2C customers, which include:

Responsive Design

It’s not secret that mobile and tablet use is on the rise, and audience share for those devices is only increasing. For Uckele, a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate responsive view was a big motivator for their redesign and upgrade. Uckele’s previous site lacked responsive features and often proved difficult for customers to navigate on a mobile phone or smaller device screen size. The new Uckele design offers accessibility to all browser types and serves desktop, tablet and mobile platforms gracefully.

Subscription Products

Offering the modern convenience of subscription ordering was a key component to increasing brand loyalty. Making it for customers to receive the correct nutritional supplements at the required intervals was a key requirement for the site.

Hair & Hay Testing

Uckele boasts the ability to test Hair & Hay for their mineral composition and provide a report on what minerals are lacking in the samples.  This report gives customers the unique ability to craft a supplement protocol that considers any deficiencies. Allowing customers to purchase these tests via Uckele.com is a vast improvement over the fax and phone method they have used in the past.

Seamless Content Management (CMS)

Human Element customized the product pages to include a related blog and features where industry articles and insight can be shared and associated with each product or post.

“We couldn’t be more happy with our new website and are confident it will contribute to the growth of the Uckele brand,” said Brad Sovine, Uckele eCommerce Acquisition Manager. “Human Element did a tremendous job!”

Human Element and Uckele collaborated on all parts of this Magento 2 Enterprise project, including planning, architecture, creative design, and implementation. This project gave our teams the unique opportunity to upgrade the look and feel as well as release new key feature sets: subscription ordering, saved credit cards, ability to easily reorder and confirm order status, and more. Our strategy was to keep it simple, clean and easy to navigate.


Each Magento 2 upgrade offers unique challenges. In this project, the Human Element and Uckele teams  focused on releasing a fresh site with improved data quality that improved on all aspects of the product catalog. We made sure to plan for and build out some previously unused, but powerful Magento features like robust product attributes, filtered category navigation and related products. The Uckele team completely overhauled their product catalog from the ground up. Everything was evaluated and improved from basic imagery to product descriptions and attribute sets.

We also focused on improving overall site taxonomy and architecture. The previous Magento 1 site utilized a sub-domain strategy for each top level category. As the company grew, more sub-domains were added with each new product line. We agreed to trade this concept in for a single domain strategy under Uckele.com and now serve all pages over an HTTPS connection. It’s more secure which makes us happy, and makes search engines happy as well (we’re talking to you Google).


The Human Element team is looking forward to continued partnership with Uckele, and helping to grow the brand even further on the Magento 2 platform.