New Magento Website

Lasers. What could be cooler than that?

When you’re in the business of working with lasers, you’ve gotta wear shades.

That’s where a website like comes into play. NoIR offers a wide variety of frames and even more lenses to protect users from virtually any wavelength out there. Whether you’re a pilot who needs protection from a high-powered hand held laser pointer aimed at your windshield or a dentist performing laser-powered teeth whitening, NoIR has the right product for you.

The new is built on the Magento Community 1.9 platform, delivering eCommerce capability to the company for the first time in its history. It has a modern responsive design and an easy-to-use checkout. A custom wavelength search functionality makes finding the right protection easy. Need to block a 532 wavelength? No problem. Just search for 532 in the wavelength filtering tool and you’ll be presented with a collection of lenses that best fit your needs for that wavelength.


The lens product page also got a facelift in this design, customizing the traditional Magento grouped product AXX_-_Lasershieldspage template to offer a user-friendly presentation of available frames for purchase. The default All Frames tab shows all possible options, with additional tabs allowing users to filter the frame selection down based on type.


Congrats to both teams on a successful launch!  Here’s to a bright future!