Portland Magento Partner

Bringing the Human Element to Portland

At the beginning of October, Human Element opened its first remote office in Portland, Oregon. Companies in the Pacific Northwest can now look to a new, local, experienced eCommerce partner.

Earlier this year, we realized there was an opportunity for Magento development growth in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest. It was a simple decision to set up an office there. Portland is a thriving technology community – with great coffee and beer. Sounded just like home to us.

Tim Ganun, a technology evangelist with fifteen years of experience helping companies innovate for growth is our first Portland hire. The initial focus of the Portland office will be to assist companies who are growing their eCommerce sites and in need of Magento help specifically. We are going to make the rounds of local events and Meetups to make sure people are aware of us. Soon after, we are looking forward to sponsoring and hosting events of our own just as we have done in Ann Arbor. Look for posts from Tim and his new bio coming soon.

Check out a long list of benefits of joining the Portland technology community, and if you’re a Portland company looking for some Magento assistance, shoot us an email or check out all of our technology services. We could be the perfect partner for your Magento or eCommerce store.