Problems We Solve

Identifying where your website stands.

At Human Element, our team of experienced strategists is, well, experienced. We’ve seen it all come through these doors: Went with the least expensive dev you could find? Hired your neighbor’s nephew – who bailed halfway through? Current provider unresponsive? There are so many things that can go wrong! But that’s where Human Element steps in.

So, What’s Your Problem?

I Went Offshore.

You’re not alone. Heck, we even tried it for a while. The truth is that under the right conditions, it can work. For us, and the clients who choose to work with us, we prefer a different way. One where we don’t have to fight timezones, language barriers and giant resource pools, and no one actually understands the full application. A way where we understand you, your business, and what you are trying to accomplish.

I Can’t Finish
My Build

It happens. Actually, it happens a lot. There are many things that make Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, and Shopify easy to use. This makes them great platforms for just about anyone to get into. However, the rubber meets the road when you need to take the platform to the next step and fulfill a custom business requirement. Unfortunately, this is where projects can screech to a halt or careen out of control.

My Current Provider
is No Longer Responsive

Crickets are not the sound of a healthy project nor relationship. Either you’ve outgrown your current provider to where they can’t keep up with the size and complexity of the new requests or they’ve taken on more work than they can handle, and you just simply aren’t getting the prioritization you expect.

My Current Developer
Doesn’t Know M2

Two Adobe Commerce (Magento) platforms, two very different animals. Magento 1 was wild, you could do just about anything, just about any way you wanted. But it could also bite you when you least expected it. Magento 2 is more refined; there are specific ways of doing things that, when you follow the rules, has capabilities that Magento 1 could never dream of. Just don’t, please don’t, build a Magento 2 site like it is Magento 1… It hurts. Sometimes, a Code Audit is the perfect first step.

My Site Is Stale.
What Next?

As in every healthy relationship, you have to keep things fresh. This is especially true when considering the consumer, merchant dynamic. But how do you know what new strategies will work in an industry where nothing is guaranteed, and the rules seem to change every day? We have proven methods used to identify issues and set attainable goals to bring your business lasting success.

Process improvements
are needed for my
growing business

Well, this is a nice problem to have! Nonetheless, it can be a big challenge for your organization as your team figures out what is needed to take eCommerce operations to the next level. Do I need an ERP? An OMS? Adobe? Can my platform solve this? I’ve been only B2B to this point, how do I start to engage with customers directly?

Launching a
New Idea

Whether it’s a pop-up store within a larger brand or the next great thing, the project needs to start somewhere. We can help grow your dream into an ideal user experience for the new audience you are seeking.

Let's Get Started

We love collaborating with ambitious companies and passionate people. Let’s build something together.