Bigcommerce Q&A
On Tuesday, Feb 16, Human Element will host a very special eCommerce Ann Arbor Meetup, featuring Bigcommerce. We’d like to welcome Elsa Carreker, Senior Channel Account Manager at Bigcommerce responsible for building business relationships with design and solution agencies on the East Coast, who will be presenting Positioning Merchants for Success in 2016 tonight. Elsa has been with Bigcommerce since September 2014 and has seen the exponential growth the company has gone through in that short time. We sat down with Elsa to have a little Q&A about her experience with this SaaS eCommerce platform and where Bigcommerce is going.

Human Element: What is Bigcommerce and what does SaaS mean?

Elsa: Bigcommerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform that has the flexibility and freedom to enable merchants to not just sell online but to thrive with their own unique brand that stands out amongst all the noise and competition. It’s a platform that will equip merchants with the infrastructure to grow exponentially. We allow merchants to do what they do best, sell online. We take on the hosting, security, feature enhancements so merchants don’t have to manage technology but can focus on pursuing their mission.

We talk a lot about different eCommerce platforms in our Meetups. What sets Bigcommerce apart from other those platforms?

When Bigcommerce launched in 2009 we focused on bringing eCommerce to all merchants. Giving them the platform to compete with marketplaces that undercut prices and incumbent large brands with unlimited budgets. We wanted our merchants to have a place on the internet to call their own with their own unique branding that can build a loyal customer base. Our merchants began to see exponential growth online selling through Bigcommerce. Through their success we’ve organically added features and functionality that these new high growth merchants needed to continue to succeed. We continue ensure the success of our merchants With additions of best in breed analytics, advanced API, cutting edge theming framework and an expansive partner ecosystem. Today promoting, automating  and analyzing are all easily accomplished on the Bigcommerce platform.  The Bigcommerce team doesn’t believe in “just good enough” both as company and for our merchants. As the needs of our merchants and their customers grow and evolve, we grow and evolve with them. If our merchants aren’t winning, we aren’t winning.

Bigcommerce has a lot of apps. Tell us about a couple of your favorites and what they do?

Bigcommerce’s Marketplace is ever-growing! My favorite apps are the ones that compliment our platform well by enhancing the success of merchants. From loyalty like Sweet Tooth to marketing automation like Listrak and Bronto. We are always investigating what apps will fit well into our ecosystem. Check out our Marketplace:

A lot of noise has been made about Stencil. What is it, and what makes it so cool for developers?

Stencil is pretty amazing and a game changer for developing custom storefronts on Bigcommerce. With a developer-focus, we released Stencil, a Handlebars powered templating engine. Stencil helps remove the stigma that SaaS has to be rigid and restrictive. Browser sync and local development environment allows for rapid theme development. Learn more about Stencil:

Tell us about a few good success stories. Any clients you’d like to share about?

There are too many to choose from! Check out our case studies here:

What’s up next for Bigcommerce and how do you see the platform evolving over the next couple years?

Bigcommerce always thinks of our merchants first and how we can help their business grow. The roadmap has some pretty exciting developments like social commerce. But, that’s all I can share for now!

Elsa Carreker will be at Human Element for eCommerce Ann Arbor on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. to present on Positioning Merchants for Success in 2016. Human Element will sponsor with beer, wine, and snacks. The event is free and open to anyone with an interest in eCommerce. Visit the Meetup event page for details, directions, or to RSVP.