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Yotpo, our eCommerce marketing platform partner, is offering free months for any Human Element customers purchasing premium bundled Yotpo products now through the end of the year. That means any combined offering of Reviews, Loyalty and Referrals, Visual UGC, and SMS Marketing. Reach out to Yotpo here for a product walkthrough and more information, or talk to your Human Element Account Manager!

  • 2 products = 2 free months
  • 3+ products = 3 free months

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Multi-currency Support for Shopify Plus! Shopify Plus supports multi-currency, making it a perfectly suitable solution for cross-border retailers. But for technologies who process product data on Shopify Plus (like Nosto), support for multi-currency has been a challenge—until now. Learn more here.



Nexcess announces a partnership with Recapture to help customers convert abandoned carts into dollars!  Ecommerce stores using Recapture on the Nexcess platform can now automatically and quickly respond to every single customer who abandons their cart in an exceptionally personalized way, resulting in high cart capture rates. Learn all about it here.



From BOPIS to to AR + VR, ShipperHQ explores how retailers will continue to evolve in 2021 and beyond, incorporating technology, experiential services, and more. Read and get inspired here!


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