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Seven Key ERP Implementation Challenges and Risks: From project planning to data integration and avoiding cost overruns, implementing an ERP system can be tricky business!

Holiday cheatsheets! dotdigital gives you all the tips and tricks:

The Journey Of A Gift: From the North Pole to Your Customer’s Hands: webinar, November 12th at 2pm EST
Hear from a best-in-class commerce tech stack as we dive into the top strategies and tactics for optimizing the customer journey for 2020’s new era of holiday shoppers.

Holiday planning tips from the Listrak team, including personalization, automation, and capitalizing on intra-season trends.

5 evolving marketing strategies for the COVID-19 holiday season: Results from a study of 1,000 consumers to help marketers understand how to prepare for what buying habits are ahead in the not-too-distant future. Here are the key takeaways!

Don’t forget! Join co-owner Ben Lorenz for the Digital Marketing Workshop on November 9th at noon EST for a deep dive in to the best practices of online branding and creating a powerful user experience. The panel will also include Skidmore Studio’s CEO, Drew Patrick!

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