What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any form of marketing – efforts to promote or sell products or services – mediated through personal devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. It’s the advertisements you see on Google, the promotional emails you get from your favorite brand, and the social posts you see from companies big and small.

Sample digital marketing analytics report

Sample digital marketing analytics report

It can be broken down into two categories: organic and paid. Organic digital marketing aims to bring attention to a brand or product. Examples of this are unpaid social media posts, published case studies, free newsletters, or client testimonials. In contrast, paid digital marketing is more direct; the goal of this marketing effort is to sell or generate leads. Examples of this include PPC (pay-per-click) advertising within search engines such as Google, sponsored social media posts, pop-up ads, and more.

The Human Element team

At Human Element, we believe that digital marketing is an essential component of an overall marketing strategy. It is the key to the success of any website, and upon seeing the need many of our clients had for these types of services over the years, we built a department that fill this need. Our team consists of two roles: the Digital Marketing Team Lead and the Digital Marketing Strategist.

The Team Lead’s primary responsibility is to oversee the team and ensure that they work well with clients and perform tasks efficiently and effectively. This role also works with clients directly and performs other tasks to support the rest of the team.

The Strategist is responsible for managing client relationships and performing the given tasks associated with each client. Some of these include creating social content, developing PPC campaigns, performing SEO audits, monitoring website performance, and more.

What products and services fall under digital marketing?

Consultation & Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

The key to optimized organic website performance is ensuring that all of your efforts align with the same goal. A digital marketing consultation can help you create that goal and then tie all of your efforts together. After the consultation, we can implement the tactics best suited for your business. Some of these include:

  • Search Ads (Google)
  • Display Ads / Remarketing (Google)
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • SMS

Audits & Reviews

Audits and reviews are used to check the effectiveness of your existing efforts or see where new efforts can be implemented. Introductory audits and reviews that Human Element offers include:

  • Baseline SEO Review
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit 
  • User Experience Impact & Technical Compliance SEO Page Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis & Universal Keyword Targeting Review
  • Backlink Audit

On-Page & SERP Optimization

The goal of digital marketing is ultimately to increase brand awareness and grow your client base. In doing so, audience members are likely being driven to your website. So it’s important to ensure that your site is fully optimized for your audience. Services associated with on-page optimization include:

  • On-Page eCommerce Content Creation & Optimization
  • Navigation Customizations
  • Product Attribute Customizations
  • Blog Writing
  • Pillar Content Writing
  • Crosslinks Implementation

In addition, the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), is likely one of the first interactions your audience has with your site, so it’s just as important to optimize your SERP as well. Services associated with SERP Optimization include:

  • Metadata Copywriting
  • Schema Markup / Rich Snippets Optimization
  • Keyword Position Tracking & Research

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What are the benefits?

Digital marketing helps tie all of your goals and drives all of your efforts together. Especially when paired with development, it can help customize and structure your site.

  • For example, the absence of an SEO strategy on your website — metadata and on-page content that’s not optimized, poor or outdated URL naming conventions, and confusing navigation structure — can inhibit the returns of off-site, paid marketing efforts. Our team factors the overall picture of your eCommerce presence when creating a strategy for any facet of digital marketing. 

It gives you insight into the functionality of your site and how users are able to interact with it.

  • We’re experts in several third-party eCommerce analytics tools; our suite of analytics tools helps you quantify your site health, customer flow, and conversions. We conduct an audit to establish baseline metrics and track how improvements to your eCommerce presence impact your KPIs. 

It gives you insight into the accessibility and security of your website. 

  • If your eCommerce site has been around for a while, you may be missing the mark on the latest accessibility and security requirements. Digital marketing has areas of overlap with both; during audits, we often uncover opportunities for you to provide a more inclusive and safer user experience and to reduce vulnerabilities of your website. 

Digital marketing helps you better understand your client base and what tactics you can implement to better reach them and expand your audience. Using a variety of tools to assess on-site behavior, how your customers are finding your site, etc., we are able to help you segment your audiences, better understand the driving forces behind them, and optimize paid ad landing pages and social campaigns accordingly.

  • Using a variety of tools to assess on-site behavior, how your customers are finding your site, etc., we are able to help you segment your audiences, better understand the driving forces behind them, and optimize paid ad landing pages and social campaigns accordingly.

We recommend a digital marketing strategy for any client that’s interested in optimizing their site, growing their audience, generating sales, and staying competitive. With services such as consultation, omnichannel strategy, audits, and on-page/SERP optimization, Human Element’s Digital Marketing team is well-equipped to support any client, big or small. With our help, clients will be able to reap the many benefits digital marketing has to offer: tying development and marketing goals together, gaining insight into the functionality and user experience, monitoring site security and accessibility, and better understanding your clients.

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