About Ben Lorenz

Ben Lorenz showed potential for leadership even in his first job: slinging pizzas at Pizza Hut. Although it wasn’t a lofty start, upper management took notice of Ben’s tenacity and work ethic and asked him to enter the company’s corporate training program... to which Mr. Lorenz replied, “Um, I’m in a band? And we’re like, going on the road soon.” After pounding the Midwest with his drumsticks for several years, Ben chose to return to a life of civility, and summarily cut his mullet when he enrolled in Siena Heights University where he eventually completed a B.A. in business administration. Ben now lives the life of a model businessman, and has managed the technology and web development of some damn impressive clients, including: Mercury and Lincoln Vehicles, Volkswagen and Audi,, Discover Card, Siena Heights University, and Domino's Pizza (to the dismay of Pizza Hut, of course). Although he’s no longer sporting a McGyver-style coiffure, Ben continues to enjoy music by performing at employee birthday parties, and entering break dancing competitions under his industry pseudonym, ‘Zip.’
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