About John Dynamite Tucker

Ann Arbor native John Dynamite Tucker joined Human Element in 2014, bringing with him several years of technology experience in eCommerce, Google Adwords and digital marketing strategy. With an affinity for comic books, Star Wars paraphernalia, astronomy and Star Fox 64, John takes the cake for classic nerd interests. John graduated from Cleary University with a degree in Entrepreneurship. After college, he spent one epic summer in Maine farming lobsters and hunting moose, followed by a damp winter in London slinging fish and chips to drunken sailors with glorious accents. Apart from working with the premier development and marketing teams at Human Element, John has plenty of life goals to check off his list – namely, winning the affections of whoever created the recipe for Doritos, growing a beard, and owning 10 houses. He has a satchel full of Google certifications, and once ate a red lego as a small child (and survived). He’s equally proud of these accomplishments.
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