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Katie Paugh
Project Manager

Katie Paugh is pretty much the coolest person ever. Whether she’s cheering on partner and fellow Human Element Project Manager Hayley at one of her MMA fights or personally kicking butt and taking names in the interest of her clients, Katie wins… at life. She joined the team at Human Element in the summer of 2017 after building an impressive resume in the UX field and, most recently, broadening her professional skills and fulfilling a life goal of assuming the role of MTV’s animated, combat boot badass, Daria. Not really, but she would. Because, as previously stated, she is pretty much the coolest person ever. In real life, Katie enjoys illustrating, hiking, obsessively watching guilty pleasure shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Arrested Development, or being crafty. She’s infamously known for her dog-centric projects including, but not limited to, dog drawings, dog shirts, dog stuffed animals, dog pins. See? Coolest person ever.

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