Ryan Muir


Ryan Muir
Director of Business Development

No one at Human Element is entirely sure what it is that Ryan Muir does. He arrives every day; laptop in tow, earbuds firmly set, and often in the middle of, what sounds to be, a very important call through his business professional bluetooth headset. He spends the day generating ultra important reports, responding to about 1,000 emails, and swapping "tales from the crypt of parenting" stories with desk-mate, Cole Bednarski. Ryan's official title at Human Element is Director of Business Development: which seems to be brilliantly convoluted enough to maintain a full 40-hour schedule, while affording him the ability to wear golf shorts to the office every day. If there is one thing that can be said of Ryan, it is that he does whatever he does at least well enough to keep his job, and always has Human Element's potential and current clients’ best interest in mind - something that can't be said of all people in his position. He has a glowing track record of success and a smiley personality to complement it. Outside of the office, Ryan can be found hanging with the family or on the links swinging a nine iron. His super powers seem to include the ability to know every breaking news story as it occurs and to speak with an exaggerated animation of the limbs. But, then again, no one really knows what Ryan Muir does.

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