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Rob Simmons
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It’s a sunny day in Rob Simmons’ world when he has the opportunity to do one of two things: create music on his home-made synthesizer or hang out at HEI developing Magento modules. The Dexter-born software engineer graduated from Eastern Michigan University with 190 credits and a BS in Computer Science in 2010. He found a spot at Human Element in the summer of 2016 and has been bringing the office endless joy with his consistent hair flips and self-professed awkward humor. If he’s not bringing a smile to the folk of HEI, snapping a nerf disk across the room with deadly accuracy, or finishing development tasks in record time, Rob can be found in is his basement studio playing guitar. Or drums. Or even more likely, creating original tracks on the synthesizer he built with his own hands. Tunes that one Human Element team member has described as “the sounds of a robotic aquarium.”

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