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Sabra Bander
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Sabra Bander is a Michigan kid. She grew up in Southeastern Michigan, attended high school in Farmington Hills, cruised on to Eastern Michigan University for her undergrad, and worked her way up through the ranks at an adored Michigan-based fast-casual soup company, where she initially met the Human Element team as they worked through several tough projects together. Eventually, Sabra earned the title of Technology Integrator at said soup company and helped to do some really cool things with soup and technology for dozens of soup franchises throughout the country… Which is why it was so unexpected when she up and moved to Kenya for seven months to save the elephants in 2012. During that time, Sabra lived in Nairobi and worked with a non-profit organization and helped to manage their website, motivate their social media friends, organize volunteers and raise funds to stop tusk poachers in the Tsavo region. Sabra also helped educate the public on the importance of maintaining the home of our long-snouted pachyderm friends. Upon her return to the U.S., Ms. Bander found employment with Human Element as a project manager. As a long-time friend and colleague of the Human Element family, it was easy to see that she was a perfect fit for the culture and would make an excellent addition to the team. Sabra is an avid crafter and lives in Ann Arbor with her husband.

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